PSC welcomes probe into rape allegation against Dharamlall


See full statement below issued by the Private Sector Commission:

Probe into allegations of sexual misconduct by a Government Minister

The Private Sector Commission welcomes and endorses the fact that the allegation of rape against a government minister is now subject to investigation by the police in accordance with the rule of law. The PSC is pleased that our democracy is alive and well and that the rule of law is being followed.

We are closely monitoring the situation in full expectation that due process will be observed & that justice will prevail.

The PSC fully supports the action taken by the government to ensure the safety of the young woman involved by having her in protective custody while the matter remains under investigation.

The PSC will continue to monitor closely the proceedings and urges everyone to allow the legal system to work in the interest of justice to all parties involved.


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  1. Derk says

    This allegation appears surreal ,especially since it erupted and took centre stage just after the Local Government elections in Guyana.
    Nevertheless I do sincerely welcome every iota of investigations.

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