Cycling: Dey dominates Time Trial; Denise Jeffrey clinches female title


By Danielle Swain

On Saturday, Curtis Dey dominated the competition to win the Elite Men’s Time Trial at the Guyana National Cycling Championship in Mahaica.

Dey of Team Evolution rode two rounds of an approximate 11.3-km (7.2-mile) circuit in 32 minutes and 15 seconds.

Pushing thru blistering heat, Dey beat teammate Christopher Griffith by two minutes and 24 seconds and third-placed Arjune Sookai (Team Kaieteur Attack) by three minutes and 56 seconds.

The women’s category saw Denise Jeffrey, still at an elite level at 55, cop first place in 21 minutes 17 seconds.

“I’m not riding for myself; I continue to compete to encourage the young girls to join cycling. It’s an addictive sport, and you will get the support; you must come out and ride.” Jeffrey said after her victory.

Jeffrey, also of Team Evolution, finished 47 seconds faster than runner-up and teenager Clivecia Spencer (Team Coco).

Kwame Ridley (Team Kaieteur Attack) was crowned Guyana Masters Time Trial Champion finishing one minute 22 seconds ahead of Seagun Hubbard (Team Evolution) in 33 minutes 59 seconds.

Team We Stand United duo, Aaron Newton and Alexander Leung continued their winning form, with Newton adding the time trial title to his national junior championship win with a time of 16 minutes 53 seconds.

Leung recorded a time of 16 minutes 25 seconds, sealing another win in the juvenile category.

The Guyana National Cycling Championship concludes on Sunday in Linden, with the highly anticipated Elite Championship marking the return of ‘The Johns’ – Briton John and Jamual John, from competitive cycling overseas.

Alexander Leung (left) and Aaron Newton

Summarised Results: Guyana National Time Trial Championship

* Mahaica/Unity Circuit approximately 11.3-km (7.2-mile)

Juvenile Time Trial Results (1 Lap)

1 Alexander Leung, Team We Stand United 16:25:92

2 Sidwell Sandy 19:07:25

3 Alex Newton, Team We Stand United 22:04:96


Junior Time Trial Championship (1 Lap)

1 Aaron Newton, Team We Stand United 16:53:87

2 Ajani Cutting, Team Kaieteur Attack 17:47:60

3 Sebastian Nathan, Team Kaieteur Attack 19:53:25


Women’s Time Trial Championship (1 Lap)

1 Denise Jeffrey, Team Evolution 21:17:10

2 Clevecia Spencer, Team Coco 22:04:03

3 Abigale Jeffrey, Team Kaieteur Attack 22:38:56

4 Tandecia Noel, Team Kaieteur Attack 23:04:95


Elite Time Trial Championship (2 Laps)

1 Curtis Dey, Team Evolution 32:15: 72

2 Christopher Griffith, Team Evolution 34:39: 51

3 Arjune Sookai, Team Kaieteur Attack 36:11:03

4 Paul de Nobrega, Team Evolution 36: 21: 44

5 Walter Grant-Stewart 37:06:47

6 Kevin Seaton 38: 36: 84


Masters Time Trial Championship (2 laps)

1 Kwame Ridley, Team Kaieteur Attack 33: 59:79

2 Seagun Hubbard, Team Evolution 35:21:22

3 Jaikarran Sookai, 36:17:12

4 Paul Choo-Wee- Naam, Team Alanis 36:42:79

5 Lear Nunes, 37:09:69

6 Robin Persaud, Team Evolution 37:42:47

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