Strong focus on e-commerce options for GCCI’s growing membership – Hutson


The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) aims to transform the business community in Guyana by encouraging all of its members to implement e-commerce options for their entities.

This is according to Chamber President Kester Hutson who said that among several projects aimed at building capacity for its members is a strong focus on the digitalization of businesses.

During an interview with the News Room on Wednesday, Hutson explained that under his tenure there will be many projects to ensure that the businesses of members and the membership of the Chamber grow.

“We have recognized that the age in which we operate, it is not at the level that we expect it to be. The demand for better quality performance and delivery is needed.

“We’ve recognized there is still a great need to focus on digitalization, everything is electronic now, it makes things efficient and it makes things faster.

“That will be one of my focus points and another one is e-commerce, we want to be able to utilize the resources that are available,” the GCCI President said.

Huston was appointed to the position at the end of March along with other executive members. He is the owner of Dapper Technology Incorporated and noted that in the developing world, businesses must undergo the necessary changes to remain relevant.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed massive emphasis on the need for e-commerce with many online businesses receiving more orders as persons could not physically make purchases. Many businesses also had to incorporate this in order to stay afloat.

Hutson said at least 70 per cent of the Chamber’s members are micro, small and medium sized businesses that can greatly benefit from incorporating e-commerce strategies.

Additionally, he said that in growing these businesses, there will be emphasis placed on collaboration for advancements.

“We do not grow by competing [and] by complimenting each other in a collaborative effort, we are now pooling our resources to ensure that we have a better position to participate in the sectors,” he said.

Importantly, the Chamber will host workshops and engagements that encourage business collaboration. This is an effort to ensure that members have access to equal opportunities.

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