Digicel Football: Charity beats Abram Zuil to Region Two Title


By Azizi Christiani

In the final match at the Tapakuma Sports Ground, Charity Secondary showcased its dominance in Region Two’s leg of the Digicel Nationwide School Football tournament.

Going head-to-head with Abram Zuil Secondary, Charity Secondary emerged victorious, successfully defending their championship title.

Despite having a completely different squad from their last championship-winning team, Charity Secondary displayed remarkable skill and determination throughout the game.

The encounter between Abram Zuil Secondary and Charity Secondary started with a bang. Just five minutes into the game, Abram Zuil Secondary took the lead when Threon Innis scored a header off a corner kick delivered by captain Emani Duncan.

The early goal injected excitement into the match, setting the stage for a thrilling contest.

However, Charity Secondary quickly regrouped, and in the 10th minute, Renaldo Smith found the back of the net, equalizing the score and shifting the momentum in their favor.

This goal served as a turning point, as Charity Secondary began to assert their dominance on the field.

As the game progressed, things took a downward turn for Abram Zuil Secondary. Dundra Sobers proved to be a formidable force for Charity Secondary, scoring two crucial goals in the 37th and 40th minutes of the match.

With a comfortable lead in hand, Charity Secondary continued to apply pressure on their opponents.

Renaldo Smith showcased his scoring prowess once again, netting his second goal in the 45th minute. This further extended Charity Secondary’s lead, solidifying their position as the frontrunners in the game.

With this victory, Charity Secondary continued its reign as champions of the Digicel Nationwide School Football tournament in District Two.

Their consistent success and ability to overcome challenges make them a force to be reckoned with in the competition.

Charity Secondary will join 31 other teams later this month in the round of 32 playoffs in Georgetown.

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