Squires upsets Murray for quarterfinal showdown with Downes


Phillip Squires booked a spot in the Men’s Open Singles Quarterfinals with a 6/2 – 6/2 upset win over No. 7 seed Ronald Murray at the ongoing Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) One Guyana Open 2023 Tournament.

In an invited comment, Squires stated, “Murray and I have come a long way. I know his game, and I planned to be more consistent than him”.

Squires, a former Men’s Champion, last competed eight years ago.

“The [GTA One Guyana Open] is an excellent initiative. I had planned not to return to tennis, but with a tournament of this magnitude, I know I can still impact tennis in Guyana and compete with some of the best junior and senior players.”

Squires is looking forward to more tournaments of this caliber.

Next up for Squires is Anthony Downes, an old rival and former Men’s Champion.

In the second-longest match of the tournament, Martin Campbell prevailed over the experienced Steve David-Longe 1/6 – 6/2 – 7/6 (2) in the Men’s 35 Singles.

Campbell, who reached the Men’s 35 Singles Quarterfinals for the first time, has spent the most time on the court than any other player – clocking in at 9 hours and 3 minutes.

“The GTA One Guyana Open is very much welcomed,” Campbell said. “I think it needs to be the first of many because tennis is an amazing sport, and it needs to be nurtured more in Guyana.”

According to GTA, this tournament is a pillar of the emerging National Sports Academy, an initiative funded by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport through the National Sports Commission.

Other Results: 

Men’s Open Singles Round of 16: No.2 seed Gavin Lewis defeated Navindra Arjune 6/1 – 7/5.

Men’s Open Singles Round of 16: No. 4 seed Gerald Scotland defeated Surrendra Khayyam 6/0 – 6/1.

Men’s Open Singles Round of 16: Sandeep Chand defeated No. 6 seed Harvey Stoll 6/0 – 6/0.

Men’s Open Singles Round of 16: Anthony Downes defeated Aubrey Younge 6/1 – 6/0.

Men’s Open Singles Round of 16: Leyland Leacock defeated Andre Erskine 6/2 – 6/1.

Men’s Open Singles Round of 32: Martin Campbell defeated Jamal Goodluck 6/3 – 6/1.

Men’s 35 Singles Round of 16: Harry Panday received a W/O from Rondae Hawker.

Men’s 35 Singles Quarterfinals: Andre Erskine (2) defeated Harry Panday 6/1 – 6/0.

Men’s 45 Singles Round Robin: Sunil Bianchini defeated Steve David-Longe 6/1 – 6/3.

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