Cops seek to enhance CCTV footage of Safraz Khan shooting


Investigators probing the attempted murder of Campbellville, Georgetown businessman Safraz Khan are currently working to enhance surveillance footage which captured the shooting in order to identify his attacker.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum on Monday told the News Room that while no arrest has been made, the investigation is ongoing.

Blanhum said investigators from the Forensic Video Analysis Unit are making “earnest” efforts to enhance the image of the suspect from available CCTV footage in order to “properly” identify him.

The lone gunman, who was dressed in a yellow raincoat and pounced on Khan at about 20:07 hrs Thursday, July 6, just as he arrived at his Austin Street, Campbellville, Georgetown home.

Although the police recovered 40 spent shells at the scene, 42-year-old Khan, who returned fire at his attacker, was hit three times to his feet and hands.

Khan was reportedly trailed from his worksite to his home.

Police Headquarters had said investigations disclosed that several loud explosions suspected to be gunshots were heard, and on looking outside, persons observed the victim’s car, PVV 8859, a white Toyota Premio, parked in front of the yard.

On checking, they observed Khan was seated in the driver’s seat bleeding from wounds on his feet and hands.

Khan claimed that he left his work site at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, at about 19:50 hrs and drove home.

He said he observed a silver-colour Allion motorcar driving behind him.

As he turned into his entrance and stopped, the motorcar stopped, and the suspect immediately exited the front passenger seat with a gun and approached his vehicle.

On seeing that, the businessman, who was armed with his licensed pistol, said he discharged rounds in the suspect’s direction.

The suspect also discharged rounds at the victim, after which the suspect ran and entered the front passenger seat, and the vehicle drove away at a fast rate.

Detectives processed the scene, and twenty-seven .223 spent shells were recovered at the scene, and thirteen 9mm spent shells were recovered in the Khan’s car.

The victim’s firearm was on the front seat of the vehicle. Bullet holes were seen on the motorcar, a concrete fence, a verandah and the garage gate.

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