‘Don’t let fear hold you back’- female drag racer Sarah Maria Chattersingh


Competitor’s profile by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club

Meet Sarah Maria Chattersingh, a dedicated police officer attached to the Immigration Department, and a rising star in Guyana drag racing.

From an early age, Sarah’s passion for racing was ignited by her father, who took her to every race on the South Dakota circuit.

Although she was initially confused about the intricacies of the sport, over time, she developed a deep understanding and love for it.

As Sarah grew older, her desire to become a skilled driver only intensified. She seized every opportunity to hone her racing skills and become a better driver.

Weekends were dedicated to family outings at the circuit, where they would engage in test runs and make adjustments to improve performance.

Sarah understood that success in racing, much like in her career as a police officer, required perseverance and determination.

Even when faced with setbacks, she never gave up; instead, she used each experience as a learning opportunity to grow as a racer and as an individual.

Having conquered her fears, Sarah is now living her dream as a drag racer. She wants to inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly and unlock their potential.

With a heart full of encouragement, she calls upon others to showcase their talents and gifts to the world. Sarah knows that embracing one’s dreams is not always easy, but she firmly believes that with courage and determination, anyone can achieve greatness.

So, to all aspiring racers out there, Sarah Maria Chattersingh’s message is clear: don’t let fear hold you back, take that step, and show the world your talent. Just like she did, it’s time for you to embrace your passion and race towards your dreams!

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