Team Mohamed’s Pro Mod confirmed as 6-second winner; Suriname competitors excel


Team Mohamed’s Mustang Pro Mod was adjudged winner of the six-second class at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s (GMR&SC) Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2 at the weekend, despite a final not being held due to fading light at the South Dakota Circuit.

In an official statement issued on Wednesday morning, the GMR&SC confirmed the various category winners, with the Surinamese contingent enjoying an excellent outing on the strip.

See below full statement issued by the GMR&SC

The highly anticipated Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2.0 had generated much hype over the past few weeks and was set to culminate in the grand finale on Sunday.

Teams from Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname were here and set to take on the local competition who was ready to defend the home turf.

The day got off to an early start and the event was ahead of the day’s schedule, producing exciting races in the lower classes, setting up nicely for the heavy hitters.

However, a major snag was hit when our timing equipment started to malfunction shortly after 1:00 pm.

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Officials and technical personnel, along with help from several race teams, attempted to identify and resolve the issues that were being experienced.

After several attempts, the equipment was still plagued with several errors which would have produced inaccurate results. Given the circumstances of the day, the completion of racing in the 12 to 6 second classes could not be completed.

As a result, the winner of these classes was decided based on which competitor had the fastest dial-in time on Saturday.

The winners are as follows:

– 16 seconds – #923 – Shawn Whyte – Toyota Corolla AE100

– 15 seconds – #94 – Devin Moses – Toyota Starlet EP91

– 14 seconds – #1165 – Akshay Lachninarainsingh – Toyota Crown (Suriname)

– 13 seconds – #300 – Parshuram Ramkissoon – Honda Prelude

– 12 seconds – #1234 – Raghubar Virish – Volkswagen Golf (Suriname)

– 11 seconds – #110 – Raymond John – Toyota Chaser (Suriname)

– 10 seconds – #1166 – Jasvant Bhagikath (Suriname)

– 9 seconds – #1176 – Rabbanie Yacoob – Toyota Verossa (Suriname)

– 8 seconds – #1162 – Michael Namchand – Mazda RX-7 (Suriname)

– 7 seconds – #2 – Terrence Cox (Team Mohamed’s) – Nissan GT-R (Godzilla)

– 6 seconds – #5 – Victor Florito Flores (Team Mohamed’s) – Mustang Pro Mod

The showdown between the six-second cars of Team Mohamed’s, Team Daby and Sheldon Bissessar was perhaps the most anticipated races of the day and the GMR&SC made every attempt for racing in this class to take place.

Team Daby’s Toyota Solara faced Sheldon Bissessar’s Spitzer Dragster in the first round since their dial-in times were closest to each other (6.727 & 6.728 respectively).

Bissessar emerged victorious over Team Daby in this race and was set to take on the Pro Mod Mustang of Team Mohamed’s in the final.

However, this race could not take place immediately since these high powered cars have cool down times ranging between 30 to 60 minutes.

With light fading quickly and competitor and spectator safety being of paramount importance, the race could not be run. As such the winner was decided in the same way as that of the other incomplete classes, and that is by the fastest dial-in time.

Team Mohamed’s Pro Mod Mustang set a time of 6.403 during dial-in on Saturday and as such, that car was declared the winner. The GMR&SC apologizes to fans that left the event feeling disappointed and we assure you that we will be taking steps to ensure that such a situation does not reoccur in the future.

We are committed to enhancing the motorsport experience in Guyana and the Caribbean, and events like the Tropical Shipping Drag Wars continue to serve as thrilling platforms for showcasing the region’s best talents.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, officials, competitors and everyone who was involved in putting together this event.

To you the fans, a special thank you for your continued support and, especially the patience you exercised throughout the technical problems. For further updates and information about the GMR&SC and upcoming events, please visit

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