National Footballers assist cricket team for Kares One Guyana T10


National Footballers Jeremy Garrett and Curtez Kellman combined their resources to keep a dream alive for The United Crew, a team from Region Two, currently participating in the Kares One Guyana T10 Tapeball Blast.

The United Crew will battle Tarmac Titans for a spot in the semi-finals when the two sides meet in the Super 8 on August 5 at the Enmore Community Centre Ground from 10:00h.

The tournament was initially just two days (July 29-30), but inclement weather forced it to extend, causing the Region Two lads to travel again to the city, an expense that runs the squad of 13 over $110,000.

However, for this trip to Georgetown, the footballers fully offset their travel expenses to the city and back home.

“We heard of the team’s issues and reached out to help. I can tell you from experiences in the past it is uneasy and distracting studying finances when you want to focus on winning, and we wanted to support in any small way we can.”, Garrett stated.

According to Kellman, “Our journey to this stage came from persons assisting us, and when Jeremy and I spoke, it was quite a straightforward decision. When you are in a position of strength, it is important that you lift others, and we will certainly hope other persons can do such.”

Both footballers recently returned from representing Guyana against Ethiopia in the United States of America.

Manager for The United Crew, the only team outside of Georgetown still reaming in the competition, expressed, “We are very grateful for your generous assistance in helping our team to cover our transportation cost to Georgetown for our quarterfinals game. God’s blessings to you both in helping the United Crew go further.”

The other matches on Saturday will be Village Rams against V-Net Vipers from noon and Team Corruption against Avinash All-Stars from 14:00h.

The winning three teams join Eccles All-Stars in the finals set for the National Stadium, Providence, under lights.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali, the tournament’s patron, recently recommitted his support for the game, noting it is an event that will bring many people together from varying communities under the ‘One Guyana’ banner.

The tournament featured 32 teams, seven remaining, with representation from all regions except Region Nine.

The tournament winner pockets $1M while the runners-up cop $300,000, and each of the two losing semi-finalists gets $100,000.

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