Three children die after boat capsizes in Essequibo River


Three children, two siblings and one of their cousins, died on Saturday after the boat in which they were in reportedly capsized in the Essequibo River.

Dead are: Linda Joseph, 12; Norsha Ayaw, 3; Newton Ayaw, 11 months. The father of the Ayaw children was the captain of the boat. Police headquarters reported that the children’s faces were partially eaten by piranhas.

Police Commander of Region Nine, Raphael Rose, told the News Room that an investigation is ongoing into the incident which occurred around 03:00 hrs.

The News Room understands that the three children and their parents were among several persons onboard the small boat.

Police headquarters reported that 35 sacks of cement and three drums of gasoline were also on the vessel.

Reports are that the boat departed Parabara Village, South Rupununi and was proceeding along the Essequibo River when it allegedly hit a rock, causing it to capsize.

“While on the journey, they hit some rock on the river and the boat capsized,” Rose said.

The adults swam to shore and were later rescued by a passing vessel.

The bodies of the children were subsequently recovered in the said river.

The children were laid to rest on Sunday.

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  1. Matthew says

    This is a complete tragedy for the entire village. Every person in the boat needs a lifejacket and in the remote Villages that are usually or ONLY accessible by river… jackets should be supplied by the Ministry.

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