Murdered Sophia man reportedly threatened attacker in the past – relatives


The 20-year-old labourer, who allegedly fatally stabbed Sophia horsecart operator, Mark Harris on Monday night, was allegedly threatened on numerous occasions in the past by the victim.

The suspect has been identified as Desan Husbands. And his relatives on Tuesday told the News Room that although they advised him to report the threats to the Police, he never did.

As such, they said no action was taken and the threats continued until the tragic death of Harris on Monday night.

“Every time he (Harris) see him (Husbands), he always threatening him…that he was going to injure him, that he was going to done he dance and all kinda foolish things…He (Husbands) was urged to go to the Police but he never did,” Colin Solomon, the father-in-law of Husbands, told the News Room on Tuesday.

He added, [Husbands] and the fella (Harris) had a continuous misunderstanding…Every time he (suspect) reach him (Harris), there was a confrontation.”

According to Solomon, Husbands left home to go to the shop to purchase food when he met Harris there. An argument ensued during which Harris attempted to stab Husbands. In his defense, Husbands stabbed Harris with a pair of scissors.

The stabbing occurred around 19:30hrs at a Plum Park, Sophia shop.

Police Headquarters said after committing the act, the suspect walked to the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost and handed over the murder weapon to the Police.

He is presently in custody as the investigation continues.

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