‘He murdered my daughter’ – Father of teen believes shooting was premeditated


Ashley Singh, the 17-year-old victim in the Long Creek, Soesdyke/Linden Highway murder/suicide was shot multiple times about her body, allegedly by her partner, who then took his own life.

The girl’s family believes that the shooting was premeditated.

“Literally, he murder meh daughter…Is several gunshot wounds she get. Is not like is one shot….More than one time he shoot her,” the teenager’s father, Ron Singh told the News Room during a telephone interview on Thursday.

“It was a planned something…It was a premediate something to kill she,” he added.

The News Room understands that Ashley and 26-year-old Ajay Budhan, a farmer of Long Creek, Linden/Soesdyke Highway, shared an eight-month-old relationship.

Police Headquarters said that the couple were at a resort at Hillfoot, Soesdyke before their bodies were found inside Budhan’s vehicle at Long Creek by a labourer in the wee hours of August 14.

Police said Budhan was a licensed firearm holder of a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. The weapon was found alongside his body.

Investigators believe that Budhan shot and killed Ashley before he turned the weapon on himself between 00:30 hrs and 06:30 hrs.

This was confirmed on Wednesday following the conclusion of autopsies which revealed that Singh was shot several times about her body. The wounds were inflicted with a shotgun, the autopsy confirmed.

Budhan died as a result of a gunshot injury to his head. The incident has left Ashley’s family puzzled for answers.

Her father told the News Room that while Budhan would frequent their Soesdyke house, they were not aware of the couple having any issues.

Ashely’s father owns and operates a bar. He explained that he was not at home on Sunday and he left her in charge of the bar.

Upon his return in the evening, Ron said Ashley informed him she was going out. At the time, Budhan was at their home.

“She told me that she going out with this boy (Budhan)….I know he. He does be around. Them does gaff, them does talk and so on…I gave her money and I tell she we could close up as you going out. He was right here. His vehicle was here. She went in the vehicle and she come out back and she say she ain’t bother going nowhere,” the distraught father explained.

He said Budhan left and his daughter went inside the house and up to that point, everything appeared normal between the couple.

“Like 1 0’clock in the morning (Monday), I overheard she saying to somebody ‘no man, no, no’. So I was to call out to she and tell she ‘man Ashley, you know I gah catch meh rest, I gah work tomorrow’ but I didn’t worry to say anything,” Ron recalled.

Ron said he woke up later in the morning and noticed his daughter was not at home.

“The house door, the back kinda half open and when I look, I see she room door open too. Then I see she fan on, I see she got a phone charging on she bed. So I say she probably mussy gone and use she grandmother washroom outside,” he said.

According to the father, it is unusual for Ashley to leave home without informing him or her mother.

“I tell the mother…that I ain’t see Ashley home if you know if she gone out anywhere and she said no,” Ron said.

At this point, Ashley’s mother sent her messages and called the phone but there was no response.

“We messaged and no response and that was it…We message her when we notice that she’s not in her room but we ain’t get no answer. The only answer and the only thing we get was when people call to say that this boy (Budhan) shoot he self along with a girl. Then we realise that the girl is me daughter,” Ron told the News Room.

He added, “She never indicated to me or her mother that they had a problem or so…I can’t say what happen.”

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