Impressive showing from Guyanese at ongoing Youth CAC chess event


Ten-year-old Kataleya Sam is currently poised to medal at the Youth CAC Games for chess in Trinidad and Tobago.

After six rounds she has shown grit and determination to stay within striking distance of the tournament leader in the female Under-10 division.

The next three rounds could create the impetus for the future of chess in Guyana.

During a recent bout against her Trinidadian adversary, Kira Nanan, Sam’s strategic prowess took center stage. Her gameplay showcased a tenacious blend of aggression, tactical precision, and adept piece coordination, resulting in a compelling assault on her opponent’s king.

The meticulously orchestrated sequence of sacrifices and checks culminated in a resounding checkmate, underscoring Sam’s exceptional mastery of the game.

Guyana’s chess representation extends beyond Sam’s impressive showing. National Under-14 champion Kyle Couchman has emerged as a formidable contender in the Caribbean chess arena.

Currently positioned ninth in the Under-14 division, Couchman’s upcoming match against Jamaican contender Corbin Harvey carries considerable significance, potentially solidifying his prowess on the regional stage.

Alexander Zhang, the Under-16 champion, has also garnered attention with his strategic finesse.

A victory against Trinidad and Tobago’s Michael Roberts in Round Three, coupled with draws against formidable opponents from the Twin Island Republic and St. Lucia in Rounds Four and Five, has thrusted Zhang into the spotlight as an ascending star in Caribbean chess.

Additional standout performances from the Guyanese contingent are notable. Ronan Lee’s Round Five triumph over the higher-rated Trinidadian player, Keagan Ragoobar, and Matthew Singh’s impressive Round Three victory against Trinidadian challenger Kalel Scoon further underscore the depth of talent within Team Guyana.

In the ensuing seventh and eighth rounds, Team Guyana will square off against adversaries from Trinidad, Haiti, Jamaica and Suriname. The outcomes of these match-ups hold the potential to redefine the trajectory of Guyana’s presence in regional chess.

Ciel Clement (U-14 Female)- 3

Kaija Clement (U-14 Female)- 2

Kyle Couchman (U-14 Open)- 4

Aniyah Couchman (U-18 Female)- 1

Ronan Lee (U-18 Open)- 2.5

Dominic Sam (U-14 Open)- 2

Kataleya Sam (U-10 Female)- 4

Matthew Singh (U-18 Open)- 2

Nicholas Zhang (U-12 Open)- 3.5

 Alexander Zhang U16 Open 3

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