Six arrested for Security Guard’s murder at Lusignan


Police ranks Saturday morning arrested six suspects in connection with the murder of Dalchand Dhanai, a security guard who was found dead while on duty at the Lusignan Golf Club, East Coast Demerara.

The six suspects have been identified as Heeralall Ramdam, Trevor Harold, Ivor Heeralall, Anil Sugrim, Avinda Kishore, and Davindra Sugrim.

Dhanai, 57, was found dead early Thursday morning.

Police Headquarters reported in a statement that at about 6:20 hrs, someone called the Vigilance Police Station and reported the incident.

The Police responded and found Dhanai lying face down in the upper flat of the building in what appears to be dried blood with injuries to his head. His hands were bound with shoelaces.

Dhanai was a resident of Lusignan Pasture.

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    So sad! So horrific. Let justice be served for this gruesome death of this gentleman. My sympathy goes out to his grieving wife, children and other relatives.

  2. habeeb says

    Killed a long term employee for what ?
    Everybody all over the country getting arrested for selling, transporting marijuana and cocaine everyday- why ?these 6 could have been doing the same thing instead of killing this man.

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