President Ali donates $2.5M to help with restoration of Children’s Convalescent Home


See the full statement from the Rotary Club of Georgetown below:

President Irfaan Ali, a Paul Harris fellow of the Rotary Club of Georgetown, demonstrated his continued commitment to community service by donating G$2,500,000 towards the Rotary Club of Georgetown’s restoration of the Red Cross Children’s Convalescent Home. The Convalescent Home, which was  built by the Rotary Club of Geogetown and the Red Cross through Rotary’s fund raising efforts,  opened in 1980.  It is a community outreach program that provides residential care and support for children from ages five and under. The Home aims to promote children’s safety, welfare and the goal of family reintegration or fostering/adoption.

Being in state of disrepair for a number of years, the Rotary Club of Georgetown launched the $25 million restoration project as a testament to the club’s dedication of “Service Above Self” and “Creating Hope in the World”. Since the commencement of works on April 1, 2023, the Rotary Club of Georgetown has been able to several major repairs including: a complete restoration of the exterior walls, repairing of multiple sections of the ceilings, repairing and eradication of roof leaks, replacement of windows, restoration of a vital bathroom section, the full restoration of the kitchen and flooring. The Club hopes to restore the home in its entirety, and continuing work with the Red Cross to make it self-sustaining.

President Irfaan Ali along with members of the Rotary Club of Georgetown.

President Ali, in a handing over ceremony today at the Arthur Chung Convention Center, complemented the Rotary Club of Georgetown’s efforts and pledged additional support of mattresses and other items to help restore the home. He also made additional contributions to the home to restore the fence and other environs. He also restated his unwavering commitment to other community outreach projects, such as the promotion of mental health programs and pledged to partner with the Rotary Club of Georgetown and other service organisations to address community needs. Also present at the handing over ceremony were Rotary Club members Devindra Kissoon, Natasha Vieira, Ryan Kirton, Gautam Thani, Victor Pires, Veerendra Bhagwandin, Wilmot Garnett, Sheldon Hazelwood, Dr. Sara Singh and Maisa DaSilvaThe Rotary Club of Georgetown’s President, Devindra Kissoon, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Georgetown, extended his sincere gratitude to President Ali and other donors which contributed to this project. He noted that the Board of Directors secured a generous donation of $15.7 million from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He also complemented the efforts of Past President Sheldon Hazelwood and Board in taking the initiative to undertake this significant project, as well as Red Cross’ General Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Fraser for working closely with the Club.

The ongoing restoration taking shape at the Children’s Convalescent Home.

The Red Cross Children’s Convalescent Home holds a special place in the hearts of many, serving as a haven for children recovering from malnourishment, abuse and neglect.

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