PPP returning to communities, addressing issues raised during LGE campaign – Jagdeo


Senior government functionaries and officials of the governing People’s Progressive Party are continuing their direct engagement with citizens.

In recent weeks, these engagements have been centered on delivering on promises and addressing issues raised during the recent campaign in the run up to the June 12 Local Government Elections (LGE).

General Secretary of the party, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said this is ongoing in communities across the country where infrastructure is being upgraded and citizens are receiving much-needed support for agricultural ventures and entrepreneurship.

One such place is Laing Avenue in the capital city, Georgetown.

Jagdeo held a second follow up engagement with residents there recently where the governing PPP/C plans to develop a home improvement programme that will benefit over 252 households.

Jagdeo, on Thursday, reminded reporters of the $50 million that was set aside for housing development in this section of Georgetown. In the coming weeks residents can look forward to benefiting from the allocated budget to develop their homes, Jagdeo said.

But Jagdeo was keen to note that these follow up engagements are not only occurring in the city or region four.

He said the commitments made during the campaign will be delivered on in every community and to every individual.

Vice-President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo recently met with residents from Laing Avenue in Georgetown.

“I also met with some Afro-Guyanese farmers from the East bank there at Craig, we also promised the people in Foulis, we did some roads there.

“We are also fulfilling promises we made in Enterprise, we went back there because when we were out campaigning we heard people’s concerns and we want to ensure they benefit,” the PPP GS told a news conference at the party’s headquarters – Freedom House – on Thursday.

Jagdeo believes this direct connection between the government and citizens will greatly change lives for the better.

Roads and sporting facilities are being upgraded and people are receiving direct cash support to start and expand businesses.

Although the PPP/C failed to gain control of Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam, in the aftermath of the June 12 polls, Jagdeo previously assured that the party will deliver on the promises made during the campaign to these areas.

But he pointed to the pushback the government has received from the PNC –led APNU and other political commentators on this front.


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