Five homeless after fire destroys house at Itaballi Landing


A 44-year-old woman and her four children are now homeless after a fire gutted their home at Itaballi Landing in the Lower Mazaruni River.

Police Headquarters reported that Ingrid Moore, a cook, went to work at about 07:00 hrs on Thursday and left her children home. Police said the uninsured, one-bedroom wooden house was powered by solar panels and batteries.

The fire started at about 17:35 hrs.

The eldest child, age 17, related that around 17:00 hrs, she and her siblings went to the Mazaruni River to bathe when she observed fire coming from their house.

“She quickly ran into the house and observed that the fire seemed to have originated in the room with the solar batteries. She raised an alarm and ran to safety,” the Police reported.

Residents attempted to extinguish the blaze but failed.  Police said the items destroyed in the house amounted to about $1 million.

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