Officers’ training to be improved as Police Force Academy now accredited


Training of local policemen and women will now be enhanced as the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Academy on Friday received its institutional accreditation, making it the first public entity to be accredited.

“The Guyana Police Force moved beyond registration into the world of accreditation which speaks to another level of education delivery.  The Guyana Police Force is the first public entity that has attained this status and they should serve as a catalyst for change for the others who are functioning with respect to education delivery,” Executive Director of the National Accreditation Council (NAC), Dr Marcel Hutson said.

It therefore means that it ranks will also be recognised regionally and internationally. Hutson was at the time speaking at a handing over ceremony of accreditation certificate held at the Police Officers’ Training Centre on Camp Street, Georgetown.

In his remarks, Deputy Commissioner of Police ‘Admin’, Calvin Brutus said the path to achieving institutional accreditation was not an easy one as it required meticulous planning, dedication and relentless pursuit of the highest standard of law enforcement training and education.

Deputy Commissioner of Police ‘Admin’, Calvin Brutus (Photo: GPF/September 9, 2023)

“We prepared comprehensive documentation that showcase our commitment to meeting accreditation standards. These submissions highlighted our curriculum faculty qualification, facilities and adherence to the best practices in law enforcement education,” Brutus said.

It also saw the Force entrance examination being upgraded from sound primary education to post-secondary education and the introduction of a rigorous marking and grading scheme for all programmes offered at the academy.

“…As we move forward, we pledge to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and competence in law enforcement. We are committed to serving our nation with dedication, integrity and a sense of duty that befits this accreditation” Brutus noted.

The institutional accreditation certificate was handed over during a ceremony held at the Police Officers’ Training Centre on Camp Street, Georgetown. (Photo: GPF/September 9, 2023)

Meanwhile, Force Training Officer, Nicola Kendall said the achievement marks a pivotal moment in journey of the modernisation of the GPF.

“Institutional accreditation is not merely a certificate. It is a testament to the collective dedication to fostering an environment of academic rigor, innovation, quality assurance and continuous improvement,” she said.

According to Kendall, the accreditation is the beginning of a new phase of the force institutional journey and challenged the force to remain committed to the mission of shaping the future of the country’s security landscape.

“…Let us reaffirm to our commitment to the highest standards of education and the holistic development of police men and women and the law enforcement community. Let us embrace the challenges that lies ahead,” she told those gathered.

The accreditation was granted for a period of five years, effective August 2023.

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