AI Expo to highlight possibilities for digital innovations in Guyana


Local firm V75 Inc. will stage an AI-4D exhibition on November 24, 2023 with the aim of demonstrating the possibilities new technologies hold for development.

Recognising that many people are not yet “tech savvy”, it will be the perfect opportunity for persons to better understand what AI is, how it works and why it should be utilized, said Eldon Marks, the firm’s founder.

More importantly, he said the Expo will be a great way for businesses to engage and realise what areas AI tools can improve their productivity.

Giving an example, he noted that a new tool developed by V75 is the intelligent reporting information system (IRIS). Similar to Alexa or Siri, IRIS is an interface that communicates with its users responding to questions and providing information, but it is solely for Guyana.

“We will be leveraging our platform, demonstrating the capabilities of the platform, demonstrating practical applications of AI technologies when it comes to business industry development,” Marks said.

The Expo is being designed in an interactive way, so visitors can get an actual experience where “AI will recognise them and carry on conversations with them like a Zoom call.”

Eldon Marks the Founding Director of V75 Inc (Photo: Eldon Marks)

“There are certain demographics that are not tech savvy and now the amazing thing about AI is that the way that it communicates does not presume that the individual knows or needs to know about technology to make or derive value from it.

“The good thing about it is that a farmer can pick up his phone, even talk in creoles and IRIS can respond in creoles and explain things to that farmer,” Marks stated.

Marks posited tnhat AI tools are the future and will be incorporated in everyday life soon and uyana must be prepared for these changes.

He explained that interfaces such as IRIS can make traveling around the country easier with weather updates, traffic updates and it is great for tourists to find their way around the country.

IRIS can be engaged through WhatsApp and responds to all Guyana related questions (Photo: IRIS)

From a global standpoint, the AI interface ChatGTP is a leading technology used by many persons for its various capabilities. Marks said these are the tools that current and future generations must be ready to work with and improve. He hopes that young persons who are intrigued and want to contribute to the country and by extension the world’s digital era, will be encouraged to attend this event and leave with curiosity to find more possibilities for AI.

“In the very least, we hope that it [the Expo] will inspire them because a lot of folks don’t even know that we have. AI practitioners here that have been operating and building products for first world entities all this time

“Inspiration is one of the things we hope to impart in these youths. To show them what is possible,” he added.

Among the many other high-tech products persons can look forward to seeing at the expo is the “TrueSelph” software developed by V75 in collaboration with Computer Scientist Jason Mars. This software captures the digital persona of a person for practical applications and in turn, they can have conversations with users online to explain concepts and services.

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