Trinidad investors urged to bring construction expertise to Guyana


Businessman Rafeek Khan, a former President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA), is urging Trinidad and Tobago companies who have the expertise and vision to upskill Guyana’s construction sector to move here.

The owner of DuraVilla Homes on Wednesday told a delegation of business owners from Trinidad and Tobago that most building materials are imported to Guyana although the materials can be produced locally.

He urged companies that have an interest in producing building materials such as lumber and aggregate used in making cement and roads, to come to Guyana and set up shop. He explained that specifically in construction, there is a need for products that investors can respond to.

“We all know construction is booming in Guyana from road to buildings but there’s a major shortage of construction products that are not manufactured (in Guyana) and perhaps manufactured in Trinidad that we need to be manufacturing here instead of only doing trade,” Khan said.

“I know we have companies in Trinidad, maybe you can go back and tell them consider to make some of these products in Guyana.”

Rafeek Khan, the Head of DuraVilla Homes (Photo: Avidesh Narne/ News Room/ February 18, 2022)

Khan was speaking at a meeting between representatives of the GMSA and the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA).

Recently an Indian company, EKAA HRIM Earth Resource Management Inc., invested US$10 million into a quarrying company in Region Seven. This is an area that has room for viable quarrying pits that are not being used and Khan said it is an area waiting for investments.

In addition, Khan noted that some products are being made in the neighbourig country that can be made in Guyana through joint venturing such as furniture for commercial needs. Khan said both Guyana and Trinidad import most of its furniture when the forestry industry in Guyana is capable of producing the raw material which can be utilised.

Stuart Gunness from Spancast Caribbean Limited in Trinidad and Tobago (Photo: News Room/ October 4, 2023)

Spancast Caribbean Limited, a Trinidadian company, is interested in opening a branch in Guyana to respond to the construction sector. Stuart Gunness represented the company at the meeting between TTMA and GMSA.

His company manufactures precast products used for building houses, roads, bridges, drainage systems, parks, buildings and stadiums.

With new stadiums, bridges and other cutting edge infrastructure to modernise the country underway, Gunness said the company recognises the level of competency needed and hopes to respond to that need.

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  1. Lynden Mona says

    I agree with Mr Khan statement ,that initiative should have been on the agenda at oil discovery

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