Water pressure in East Bank communities returns to normalcy in Nov.


See the full statement from GWI below:

Drilling of wells at Diamond and Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara have been completed, and these wells are expected to go into operation in November of this year.

GWI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shaik Baksh said at the Diamond well, the utility’s engineers experienced some challenges due to unusual clay formation which collapsed at various points.

“We have overcome this situation and development of this well should commence at the end of October and should be up and running by November.”

The well at Diamond was drilled to a depth of more than 700 feet. Work commenced on this project after an old well in the community collapsed, causing hardship to residents there as well as in Peter’s Hall, Prospect, and some sections of Grove.

Both wells will bring much relief to residents, Mr Baksh said.

“We understand the situation, we apologise to the residents of those areas, we are trying our best to address the situation. A larger pump was placed at the Providence Well Station to pump more water into the system. We are going to make some interconnections between the Eccles and Providence well stations and treatment plant. These works should commence in another week of two to channel more water to the Diamond area. A new well will also be drilled at Grove to ensure water security going into the future.”

Work has also been completed on the new well at Eccles and installation of the distribution system will commence soon. The East Bank corridor has been experiencing a drop in level of service and GWI is making every effort to restore normalcy.

“We want to appeal to residents to conserve water, we are monitoring the situation to ensure the minimisation of hardships in water supply and improvement in the level of service. We have also read the riot act to managers, supervisors, and staff to ensure they respond promptly to complaints from residents, not only with regards to water supply but other areas of concern,” Baksh said.

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Caption: GWI CEO, Shaik Baksh


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