U.S based Entertainment Company seeking to improve Guyana’s music industry


Creative Titans, a United States-based entertainment company will officially open a new branch at Kingston, Georgetown on Saturday and according to the owner, Ron Telford, the aim is to improve the music industry in Guyana.

The music executive told the News Room that his decision to expand into the Guyanese entertainment market is driven by his roots here. Telford, a born Guyanese, left the country at a young age and in 2017, the company was established.

“The goal is to sit down and take time to let people know that they can do this or that and bring in a stream of income for their family knowing that you don’t have to go on stage and perform at Jamzone or Soca Monarch and that will be the only income that you’ll get for the year and then have to go and work somewhere else,” Telford told the News Room.

Creative Titans Legacy, a subdivision of Creative Titans, is supported by a $50 million investment fund, which will acquire, manage, and amplify Caribbean & LATAM music catalogs.

Ron Telford, the Music Executive and CEO of Creative Titans (Photo Voyage LA Magazine)

With the Government of Guyana more focused on developing several sectors in the country, including culture and entertainment, Telford said he intends to engage policymakers in a push for copyright laws which will also ensure adequate compensation for artistes. Telford commended the government for its keen interest in transforming the industry.

The company plans to establish a state-of-the-art studio with a space where performers can record and occupy as needed. Using his influence in the music industry, Telford said he will collaborate with other entertainment companies and international artistes to transform the industry.

One such partner is Audiomack Caribbean, which wants to enter several new markets and Guyana being one, has given the two companies a chance to collaborate.

Telford has been in the music industry for many years and has a team of writers and producers who are responsible hit records such as Koffee’s “Toast” and Jorja Smith’s “Be Honest” featuring Burna Boy. He has major influence in the industry and intends to use it here.

The company will host several activities between November and February as it enters the country’s entertainment industry. Telford said these activities reflect the ‘party theme’ that the entertainment is known for here.

A Creative Titans meeting (Photo Voyage LA Magazine)

The first activity is set for November 4, 2023 at the Outside Lounge. Telford advises that participants keep their wrist bands for each of the parties hosted as they will have a chance to win a new car as well. He explained that the promotion is another form of “talking the language” of Guyanese consumers.

In terms of artiste lineup, Bounty Killer and Bling Dawg will be at these events.

“I’m bringing in friends from the music industry; a-list artists to come and take the information that they learn and pass it on to people in Guyana.

“You will see these artists up close and personal as opposed to these big shows where you just pay a lot of money and leave,” Telford said.


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