30,000 firearm license applications pending – Jagdeo


There is a high demand for firearms locally with some 30,000 license applications pending, Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said on Wednesday.

The Vice President was engaging residents of Alexander Village, Georgetown during a multi-community outreach effort. There, one resident raised questions about the firearm acquisition process, noting that he is keen on having one.

Jagdeo noted that the issuance of firearm licenses is something he does not deal with and instead urged people to follow the established process to get these arms.

But he also noted that there seems to be a big demand for firearms since there are about 30,000 applications pending. Still, Jagdeo made it clear that not all persons who want a firearm license will be granted one since efforts have to be made to control firearms use and persons must fit the criteria to get those licenses.

“… if you give 30,000 firearm licenses you know what will happen?” Jagdeo quizzed.

To get a license, persons must fill out the firearm application which can be found on the Ministry of Home Affairs’ website. The application is then sent to the Police Commissioner’s office and then directed to the Regional Commander who conducts an investigation on the applicant and that report is sent back to the Police Commissioner.

The Police Commissioner then sends the report and application to a Special Branch Committee that carries out background checks and it is then sent to the Minister of Home Affairs. The ministry then sends it to the Firearms Licensing Approval Board.

This Board then conducts an interview with the applicant and decides if they qualify for a firearm. If they do not qualify, an explanation will be given.

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  1. habeeb says

    The GoG/Police should stop issuing firearms license to Guyanese, merely for the fact- there are already TOO
    MANY in the country- legally and illegally. Those in the past who met the criteria and issued license, proved
    the GUN is their main defense and they brandished it the least moment against others in any dispute.

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