Complaints amounting to $409M received by Consumer Affairs Commission for 2023 so far

... complaints in the auto industry valued at $256M


See below the full release from the Competition and Consumer Affairs: 

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) recently launched a “Motor Vehicle Buying Guide” to assist consumers in making the best decisions when considering the investment in the purchase of motor vehicles.

The published guide can be accessed via the Commission’s website,, under the Resources tab.

This is another proactive effort by the CCAC to provide helpful information to consumers based on our analysis of the number and value of complaints received about the auto industry.

For 2023 to date, 431 complaints were received to the value of G$409,204,942, and of this total, 109 were received for the auto industry to the value of G$256,270,937.

Some of the areas the guide covers are steps to take before you start shopping for a motor vehicle, the development of a financial plan, the supplier’s compliance with the Consumer Affairs Act, online reviews of the supplier, tips when purchasing a reconditioned vehicle, essential tips when purchasing a motor vehicle from a dealer outside of Guyana, vehicle warranty and a brief overview of the Hire Purchase Act.

The CCAC encourages consumers to seek redress through the Commission when there are issues of perceived conflict with auto dealers.

Complaints can be filed via the website

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