Wanted man stabbed to death in Region 7


A man who was wanted by the Police for armed robbery was found stabbed to death on Thursday afternoon at Eruma Backdam, Two Point Landing, Cuyuni River, in Region Seven.

Dead is William Hendricks (age and address so far unknown). Police Headquarters reported that Hendricks’ body was found lying motionless on the trail, with what appeared to be stabbed wounds about his body at around 17:00 hrs.

According to the Police, Dave Hamilton, a 37-year-old security guard employed with Hopkinson Security Company, telephoned the Bartica Police Station and reported that while performing duties at Kevin’s Camp, Eruma Backdam, he received information that the body was at the trail.

He later went to the scene, observed the body and took several photographs. Detectives have been dispatched to the location to conduct an investigation.

In early October, a Police Wanted Bulletin was issued for Hendricks in relation to robbery under arms, firearm possession and narcotic possession.

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