Bank teller, teacher charged for ‘fraudulent withdrawal’ from Republic Bank


Donna Edwards, a 44-year-old school teacher of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown and Tyrell Davis, a 19-year-old bank teller of Wismar, Linden, were charged on Friday with conspiracy to commit a felony to wit demanding property upon a forged Instrument

Police Headquarters reported that the duo was arrested on November 11 and 12.

“Davis, the teller from Republic Bank’s Linden Branch who processed the transaction, when speaking to investigators under caution, confessed to facilitating the transaction by neglecting the Bank’s procedure and paying out the money to Donna Edwards,” the Police reported.

He was contacted by a friend (name withheld) to assist in facilitating the fraudulent withdrawal, for which he (Davis) was allegedly paid $300,000, according to the Police.

Davis and Edwards appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the charges. They were both remanded to prison. The case was postponed to December 4.

  1. Derek De Souza says

    please treat this as a very very very serious crime..

    jail them quickly and send a strong message

  2. habeeb says

    A school teacher, 44 years old ? A terrible example to the school children everywhere in Guyana.
    And that bank teller ? This Bank, like others there, need to selectively choose LESS educated people as employees, those never got schooling, since the SMART ones know how to commit fraud.

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