GPHC doctors to get orthopedic, plastic surgery training


Doctors and healthcare providers have to constantly train to keep up with the latest techniques in science, and several surgeons at the Georgetown Public Hospital will soon get training in orthopedic and plastic surgeries.

Dr Shilindra Rajkumar, Head of Department for General Surgery at the country’s referral hospital told the News Room on Thursday that as part of the collaboration between Northwell Health and the local facility, special skills improvement programmes will be done in the first quarter of 2024.

The objective of these programmes is to refine the basic training that doctors undergo at the hospital; it also a means expanding and strengthening the relationship between the two hospitals.

“We are going to do the plastic surgery mission, orthopedic mission, in collaboration with the anesthesia mission. The entire aim is we want to achieve Early Recovery Post-Anesthesia. The idea is to have early recovery [and] Northwell is embarking on this early recovery or enhanced recovery after anesthesia and that is what they are going to be teaching,” Dr Rajkumar said.

He said the training is slated to commence in March 2024 t with experts from the News York healthcare provider.

Northwell Health doctors will show the local team treatment options and skills to perform on the patients for them to be discharged earlier. He noted that this is a common practice in first world countries and that through adopting this practices, persons will not stay longer than 48 hours at the hospital.

Dr Rajkumar commended Northwell Health for its support over the last two years.

“They have been partnering with GPHC over the last year or two offering support in many ways [and] the last couple of months, 32 of our staff would’ve gone up to New York in two separate missions and they were trained in the advanced trauma life support service,”  Dr Rajkumar said.

In November 2022, the two hospitals signed a five-year medical partnership agreement with the most recent collaboration conducted at the weekend.

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