Atlantic Marine Group invests US$10M to provide services in energy sector


Locally-owned service provider, Atlantic Marine Group of Companies has branched out from solely providing marine services and has entered the oil and gas sector.

The company has invested US$10 million in making office space and storage facilities available at Houston, East Bank Demerara, for oil service giants. It has partnered with global energy service provider NTS Amega Global based in Dubai.

In 2019, the company started its expansion into the sector and forged strategic partnerships with both international and regional companies to bring much-needed expertise, guidance and support for the oil and gas industry.

Aside from its partnership with NTS, joint venture partners housed at the facility are RelyOn Nutec, Survival Systems, and NTS Amega. All other companies housed on the facility are clients leasing warehouse spaces.

The NTS Amega Global company representative, Max Pablo Villagra and Lance Gordon, the Atlantic Marine Group of Companies Business Development Manager (Photo: Atlantic Marine Group of Companies/ December 12, 2023)

These companies provide services in the areas of equipment, maintenance and safety, Lance Gordon, the company’s Business Development Manager said during the tour.

“The Atlantic Marine Group of Companies has streamlined its focus on strengthening core operations and existing partnerships [and] our strategy isn’t to widen our scope currently but to solidify and enhance what we currently excel at.

“We are transforming this ten-acre plot of land into a commercial hub for the oil and gas industry,” the Business Development Manager said.

The company hopes to expand Guyana’s ability to provide opportunities within the sector by facilitating a training centre which Reliance New Tech will provide. Already, the facility is under construction with training equipment on the ground.

“They are a global provider of offshore training and course which includes tropical basic offshore, safety induction and emergency training and shallow water compressed air emergency breathing systems, initial deployment training,” Gordon said.

He said the facility will be commissioned next year and it will be the first time the company is providing training in Guyana.

Equipment that will be utilised for training by the Reliance New Tech company (Photo: Atlantic Marine Group of Companies/ December 12, 2023)

Recognising that Guyana’s footprint in the oil and gas sector is significant, the NTS Amega company representative, Max Pablo Villagra said the company intends to work alongside its local partner to buildout an energy hub.

“We are specializing in manufacturing, welding procedures especially for non-magnetic processes and tools.

“These non-magnetic processes and tools that we manufacture are focused on directional drilling,” Villagra said.

Some of the equipment being used by the NTS Amega Atlantic company for services (Photo: Atlantic Marine Group of Companies/ December 12, 2023)

He added that the company’s role in service provision here is to provide parts needed for stablising the drilling operations.

In 2021, the NTS Amega Global and Atlantic Marines joint office under the name NTS Amega Atlantic was commissioned at Houston and its partnership with Atlantic Marines has been ongoing for three years.

These companies that Atlantic Marines is providing facilities for will bring their competencies and experience to the local market and give expertise to Guyanese working here to enhance the knowledge and training of locals working in oil and gas.


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