One-way traffic only on Regent Street from Thursday-Sunday


Regent street, Georgetown will only be open to one-way traffic during extended business hours from Thursday to Sunday, the Police’s traffic department has announced.

Regent Street will become one-way for westbound traffic only, as follows:

2023-12-21st -06:00hrs to 21:00hrs

2023-12-22nd to 24th- 06:00hrs to 00:00hrs

All intersections along Regent Street will be controlled by traffic ranks who will only permit traffic to proceed west bound only.

All categories of road users are advised to adhere to directions given by traffic tanks and to observe all traffic rules and regulations.

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  1. RtP says

    Partly sensibly solution to traffic movement; BUT Why complicate the issue by LEAVING OuT THE REMAINDER OF THE weekdays ?
    Is it written into the Law/Regulation/Rule THAT a motorist CANNOT turn around in the MIDDLE of a Block AND heah in the Opposite Direction ?

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