Free university education: President says step-by-step approach from next year


President Dr Irfaan Ali has announced that the government will deliver on its promise to make university education free and will undertake a step-by-step approach from next year.

The ruling PPP, in its 2020 elections campaign, had said it would make university education free by 2025.

This free university education will come with challenges, the President pointed out, noting that while in developed countries university students take up the bulk of service jobs, such as in hotels and restaurants, this work is seen in a negative light in Guyana.

“When we move to free education and you don’t have the responsibility of an education loan, it becomes even more difficult to get you in the workforce while you are studying,” the President noted, directing his comments to young people especially.

He then declared: “Our education system must provide a requirement for hours at work. It must be integrated into the academics so that we can have people exposed to the world of service.”

He said, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – earning, saving, giving you an opportunity to participate in the economy.”

The President was speaking Tuesday night at the 31st anniversary dinner and gala of the Private Sector Commission.

He urged the private sector to help in creating this cultural shift that is so important in our society.”

He said “the direction in which the country is going requires a cultural shift in the way we think, the way apply ourselves to what the economy requires.”

The President said promoting this cultural shift is not a role for the government alone, “this is an important role for the private sector.”



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