Massara’s Strikers FC cops Climb Guyana Cup


Strikers Football Club of Massara Village, who signed up for the inaugural Climb Guyana Cup at the last minute on the eve of the December 23 launch, and went on to triumph over seven formidable teams in the epic ‘Battle of the North’ showdown at the Aranaputa Sports Ground.

According to a release by the organisers, with only three days to spare before heading to another competition in Lethem, Strikers grappled with doubts about enduring intense 60-minute knockout matches on December 23 and 24 against seven formidable North Rupununi teams, including FC Basin, Challengers, Surama/Wowetta, Toka, Three Hills, Spartans, and Falcons.

The young squad started with a resounding win against Surama Wowetta on December 23. Then, they powered through to defeat the formidable home club, FC Basin, in the second round to earn their spot in the championship clash against Falcons FC.

In a riveting December 24 showdown, Strikers’ physically fit lineup and aggressive tactics prevailed, dominating the Falcons in a closely contested match that culminated in a thrilling 1-0 victory.

This hard-fought win secured their rightful claim to the champions of the ClimbGuyana Cup ‘Battle of North’ title, trophies, medals, and $100,000 in cash.

Oslyn, the formidable goalkeeper for Strikers, clinched the prestigious Top Goalkeeper award bestowed by Eon DeViera Academy, while Denzell Moses proudly secured the MVP trophy courtesy of Champion’s Choice.

Falcons, having triumphed over Challengers and Spartans en route to the final, claimed the esteemed second place, earning a cash prize of $75,000 for their stellar performance.

In the electrifying clash for third place, Spartans outshone the home club FC Basin with a commanding 3-1 victory, seizing the $50,000 prize money and the accompanying trophy.

Spartans’ Rondella Benjamin also emerged as the recipient of the Petra Organisation’s Top Goal Scorer trophy, recording an impressive tally of five goals throughout the tournament.

 Founder of Climb Guyana, Amanda Wilson-Falloon, congratulated champions Strikers FC and thanked all participating teams, officials, and fans for contributing to the success of the inaugural Climb Guyana Cup.

She also expressed gratitude to the North Rupununi Football Association (NRFA), Aranaputa Council, and  Climb Guyana team members, including Region Nine Director Alphonso King, Lisa Khan, George Clarke, Breann Wilson, and Pearl Jacobus, for their unwavering commitment.

“Climb Guyana closed out 2023 in extraordinary fashion, marking a thrilling milestone with the inaugural Climb Guyana Cup. A big thank you to every player, official, devoted fans, and the members of Team Climb Guyana who made this event an incredible success. Hats off to our champions, Strikers FC, who participated with heart and determination from the first match”, the founder expressed in the media release.

Wilson-Falloon highlighted that fans were treated to two days of exceptional sporting prowess and revealed that the tournament will be held again in the North Rupununi in a few months with bigger cash prizes, the inclusion of women’s clubs, and an array of surprises and twists to enthrall both players and fans alike.

“In just a few months, we’re returning to the North with expanded prizes and the exciting addition of women’s clubs, promising several days of thrilling football in the heart of North Rupununi,” Wilson-Falloon shared.

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