Girl, 5, to undergo surgery to remove warhead from throat


A five-year-old girl of Wismar, Linden, Region Ten, is currently at the Linden Hospital where she is slated to undergo surgery to remove a warhead that is lodged in her throat.

Police Headquarters said they are investigating the incident which occurred at about 22:00hrs Wednesday at Half Mile, Wismar, Linden while the child was sleeping.

The Police confirmed that a small entry wound was seen on the child’s neck and the cops are on the hunt for a tenant in the building identified as Shemar.

The Police said they were only informed of the incident around 13:15 hrs on Thursday after medical personnel from the Linden Hospital informed them that the child was admitted there with a “warhead” lodged in her throat.

As such, Police said the child’s mother, Terriann Caesar was questioned and she related that she placed the child in her bed and went to attend to her eight-month-old baby when she heard the victim screaming.

“She went to the victim and enquired what was wrong and the child said that she had hit her throat. The mother applied ‘Petroleum jelly’ to the child’s throat and put her back to sleep,” the Police report explained.

But at around 08:00hrs Thursday, Police said the child began crying and upon examining her throat, the mother noticed it was swollen.

As a result, Caesar said she took the child to the Mackenzie Hospital where she learnt that a warhead was lodged in her neck.

The child was admitted as a patient to undergo surgery.

Police said the apartment separated by another that is occupied by Shemar and they found a small circular hole on the said wall suspected to be a bullet hole.

The scene was processed but Police said no spent shell was recovered. Also, no one was present in the apartment.

“Persons in the area were questioned and one neighbour claimed that sometime around 22:00 hrs she heard a loud explosion, but she could not say from which direction the sound emerged.

However, just after the explosion, she heard a child crying.

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