BUDGET 2024: Use of technology, new infrastructure focus of $90.6B allocated to security sector


The sum of $90.6 billion is allocated in the 2024 National Budget for the security sector, including sums for the Guyana Police Force ($30.3 billion), the Guyana Fire Service ($6.5 billion) and the Guyana Prison Service.

This is an increase from the $72.6 billion that was expended by the sector in 2023.

With several infrastructural projects advanced by the Guyana Police Force in 2023, another $5.4 billion is earmarked to advance infrastructure works in 2024.

To further complement the existing fleet and to aid in the force’s crime-fighting capabilities, a further $1 billion is provided in 2024 to further expand the Force’s land and water fleet with the purchase of additional vehicles, boats, and engines.

The sum of $152.1 million is budgeted in 2024 towards the further expansion and visibility of community policing groups countrywide and to decentralize crime fighting capabilities, a further $2 billion has been earmarked to further advance and expand the use of this integrated system designed to enhance surveillance and deter potential criminal activities.

And training will also account for large sums of the monies allocated to the GPF with $250 million budgeted for ranks to undergo local and regional training.

“Further, the force will embark on major developmental training reform programmes which will enable ranks to receive training in various disciplines offered by renowned policing institutions such as the New York Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,” Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh told the National Assembly during his budget presentation on Monday.

To provide improved conditions and reform the prison system, further infrastructural improvements would continue in 2024 with $2.8 billion is earmarked to advance prison infrastructural works.

On training, $140.2 million will be allocated to train and rehabilitate 1,600 inmates in various areas along with 450 officers who will undergo training in prison management.

And to support the Guyana Prison Service, a number of initiatives are being pursued.

In 2024, infrastructural investments include the completion of the Diamond Fire Station, construction of additional fire stations at Charity, Parika, Soesdyke and Wisburg as well as the extension and rehabilitation of fire stations in Linden, Rose Hall and Timehri. A total of $572.8 million has been allocated in 2024 for this and related purposes.

Budget 2024 has earmarked a sum of $500 million to further boost the equipment fleet of the GFS.

To further aid in the operations of the GFS, emphasis will continue to be placed on maintaining the operability of fire hydrants countrywide.  To this end, 150 fire hydrants are earmarked to be serviced in 2024 while another 52 are expected to be installed. An amount of $60.7 million is budgeted for this.

“We will continue training our fire officers to build human resource capacity in the GFS,” Dr. Singh said with $30 million is allocated for training in 2024.

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