Motorcyclist escapes after dropping haversack with 34 lbs of ganja


Police in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) are on the hunt for a motorcyclist who escaped on Monday after dropping a haversack containing 34 pounds of marijuana along the Ituni Trail.

Police Headquarters reported that two ranks were performing traffic duties along the trail at around 13:30 hrs when they saw the suspect approaching on an XR motorcycle that had no registration number.

According to the police, the suspect was carrying a haversack and two bulky parcels and upon noticing the ranks, he dropped the parcels and escaped into nearby bushes.

The ranks took possession of the items along with the motorcycle.

“The two bulky parcels were wrapped with transparent plastic on the outside and black plastic on the inside. One of the parcels was in a brown rice bag,” Police Headquarters said.

A search was also conducted in the haversack which contained some mechanical tools and wet clothing.

The items were taken to the Mackenzie Police Station where the parcels were opened; it contained leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The marijuana was weighed and amounted to 34 pounds, which is equivalent to 15.422 kilograms.

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