Trio busted with illegal ammo


A 28-year-old driver and two other men were arrested on Saturday following the discovery of five live .32 rounds of ammunition.

The suspects, ages 28, 25 and 26, are all carpenters of Helena No.2, Mahaica.

Police Headquarters reported that the discovery was made by ranks who were conducting a traffic enforcement exercise on the Helena No.2 Public Road.

According to a police report, the ranks observed when motor car, PSS 7252, stopped and the occupants went into a nearby supermarket.

“The ranks upon observing their suspicious movements pursued them and the three individuals were contacted and escorted out of the supermarket, where they began behaving disorderly,” the statement noted.

As a result, the ranks summoned some of their colleagues who were in the vicinity for assistance and the suspects were taken to the Mahaica Police Station.

There, a search was conducted in the car and the ammunition was found on the mat, behind the driver’s seat.

The suspects were told of the allegation, arrested and placed in custody pending investigation.

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