Taxi driver, mother hacked to death allegedly by prison escapee

- child, 6, witnesses brutal double murder


David Gomes, a 49-year-old driver of D’Urban Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown, and his 75-year-old mother Elizabeth ‘Nellie’ Gomes, were chopped to death on Friday while at the Saxacalli Mission along the Essequibo River.

Police headquarters reported that the brutal double murder occurred sometime between 17:00 hrs and 20: 00 hrs.

It was noted in the statement released that Gomes, his mother and his six-year-old son travelled to the community to clean up their house and surroundings. At about 15:00 hrs, the perpetrator reportedly went to the house and asked for something to eat and directions.

The young boy reported that the suspect was given something to eat, imbibed with Gomes and then spent some time with the family at the location. The child also stated that he later saw the suspect armed himself with a cutlass and dealt his father several chops about his body. The boy’s grandmother then went to Gomes’ rescue but she was also severely chopped.

Sometime during the ordeal, the suspect who the police said is believed to be prison escapee Akeem Wong was also chopped by Gomes.

Later, he attempted to wash down the blood but reportedly heard a boat approaching and ran into some nearby bushes where he made good his escape.

The child related that after the ordeal he took his father’s cellular phone and sent a voice note to one of his father’s friends.

Investigations so far also revealed that Wong was seen in the area at the location and is alleged to be the person who committed the murders.

Wong, a convict serving a 15-year sentence for rape, reportedly escaped from the Mazaruni Prison in Region Seven, on February 14.

Crime scene technicians processed and photographed the scene and it was observed that Gomes and his mother were chopped multiple times about their bodies, with both of them sustaining several chops to their heads.

Ranks are presently at the scene conducting further investigations. The child was also rescued. The bodies are presently at Bartica.

  1. Derek De Souza says

    reading this made me cry…

    the entire police force should be out looking for this beast…7/24..

    find him and put him to sleep

    he’s a beast in human form

    Derek De Souza

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    How horrendous! How traumatic. How could one be so callous and cruel after having begged for a meal and was given that meal. Thank God that the little child was not killed. Was he in hiding? I wonder. However, he was brave enough to use his cellular device I commend that child. He should be compensated for his extreme bravery. . I would recommend some sort of counselling for him. I do hope that the perpetrator would be apprehended soon and that justice would prevail.

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