Norton insists ‘he is the man’ as Forde, Mahipaul register interest to lead the PNC/R


Two executive members of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) on Thursday registered their interests in running for leader of the party.

Roysdale Forde, SC, was the first to make the announcement but one hour later, appearing alongside incumbent leader Aubrey Norton, Ganesh Mahipaul also noted his interest.

But first, members of the party will have to repose that confidence in them and so they await nominations before the 23rd Biennial Congress, which Norton said will be held by the end of August 2024.

A single nomination can put each of them in the race but Norton is confident that he will keep his spot at the helm of the main opposition party.

“And I am one of the persons who stand out as someone who has integrity and this government has nothing on me,” Norton said as he declared himself incorruptible and fit for the post of leader.

Similarly, Forde and Mahipaul believe they are equally great leaders to take the PNC/R into the next chapter of its history.

“I believe I qualify to run for leader of the party… I satisfy all requirements and I am very experienced when it comes to the party’s structure and workings.

“And if groups from this People’s National Congress Reform see me fit and nominate me, I will it into serious consideration,” Mahipaul said.

Norton insists that the party membership is politically intelligent and will not allow inexperience to lead them. But this was in direct response to Forde’s contest.

Forde said he has been close to the party since the 1990s and now serves at the highest collective level – the Central Executive Committee. He said too that he has the support of the membership from across the country.

“… Supporters have expressed interest and confidence in seeing me as the leader of the party.

“I believe I bring to bear sufficient and adequate experience which will be able to impact positively on moving the party forward,” Forde asserted.

Norton became leader following the 22nd Biennial Congress where he was challenged for the post by Joseph Harmon and Richard Van West Charles. Forde had openly supported Harmon at the time.

All three gentlemen have attested to the democratic nature of the party and look forward to the contest for leadership.

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