President Ali announces over $1B in investments for Rupununi

–$20M mill, 500,000 pounds cassava valued $20M for Nappi, nearby villages


Communities in Region Nine, are poised for significant development as the government continues to implement initiatives aimed at fostering growth and sustainability in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali led an outreach in the village of Nappi, situated in Central Rupununi on Saturday, where he announced that the government is set to spend over $1 billion in the Rupununi region, exceeding the budget allocation.

President Ali emphasised that these additional investments reflect the government’s commitment and support for the people, aiming to empower them to contribute to the development of themselves, their communities, and the country as a whole.

Just three days ago, approximately 500,000 pounds of cassava were delivered to communities in the Deep South Rupununi.

President Ali revealed that an additional 500,000 pounds, valued at $20 million, will soon be distributed to Nappi and eight surrounding villages.

Furthermore, the government plans to procure and install a cassava mill in Nappi at a cost of $20 million.

“To support you in these villages and to ensure that you have sustainability, excess production, and value-added, without you asking, we are going to install a cassava mill and we will start it within 14 days right here to service these communities around here,” the president told the residents during the engagement with residents at the village Benab.

President Dr Irfaan Ali during the outreach. (Photo: DPI)

In addition to these and other initiatives, residents also benefitted from solar photovoltaic household systems. Each system comprises a solar panel, two lights, a fan, and a power box.

President Ali reiterated the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to prioritising the needs of the people in its programmes and policies.

He assured that further interventions will be undertaken, specifically targeting Amerindian villages across the country.

“Nothing is wrong with wanting more… we can aspire to be on the same level as those on the coastland. And this government will make the investment to ensure that you are at that same level,” the head-of-state said.

To further support villages, President Ali said the government is planning to establish service hubs.

Among them is the ‘Buyers Hub,’ where excess fruits available in the villages will be procured and preserved for reliable marketing. This initiative will be supported by the Men on Mission (MoM).

“We want to develop cultural hubs; we want to develop educational hubs. We will expand our facilities so that the GOAL students can go and study, that the trained teachers can go and study,” the President stressed.

Other initiatives include food support integration hubs and the establishment of mental health hubs.

The residents welcomed these announcements, expressing gratitude for the anticipated employment opportunities these programmes will generate.

He was accompanied by Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand and other officials during the meeting.

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  1. habeeb says

    I saw the TV news on this young President’s speech.
    On the top of his voice, with flailing left hand ” to be emphatic” then switching
    to the “right flailing hand”, again, to be emphatic, as he thought that the Indigenous citizens
    don’t understand any thing he is talking about.
    LOUD mouthed speech, Flailing hand (s) switching when one is tired, is what Dr. Cheddi Jagan used to
    do on his campaigns. Don’t forget, he seems to say: I AM THE CHIEF, WITH INDIAN HEADWEAR, FEATHERS ETC. and the Beaded chain around his neck…. I AM THE CHIEF, I AM THE CHIEF… YOUE HEAR ME ????

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