Fire Service battling large wildfires on East Bank and along Demerara River


See the full statement issued below:

The Ministry of Home Affairs hereby notifies the public that both the Guyana Fire Service and the Guyana Police Force are actively engaged in combating a large wildfire in the Perseverance/Providence vicinity and along the Demerara River below the Sand Hill area. These blazes have led to a considerable amount of smoke enveloping these areas and nearby communities.

In light of the wildfire’s impact, residents are strongly advised to prioritize their safety and well-being by taking precautionary measures against associated health risks stemming from smoke inhalation. To this end, the Ministry of Home Affairs offers the following guidelines for public safety:

Stay indoors: Whenever feasible, individuals are urged to remain indoors and keep all windows and doors shut to minimize exposure to smoke.

Limit outdoor activities: If outdoor ventures are unavoidable, wear a mask to mitigate inhalation risks.

Utilize air filtration: Employ air conditioning systems to aid in filtering indoor air quality.

Stay informed: Stay abreast of the latest updates and advisories from the Guyana Fire Service and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Plan alternative routes: If travel is necessary, consider alternate routes to circumvent smoke-laden areas and thoroughfares.

Exercise caution while driving: Motorists navigating through affected regions should exercise extreme vigilance due to diminished visibility caused by smoke. Use hazard lights or high beams and be mindful of trucks and pedestrians.

Protect vulnerable groups: Take additional precautions to safeguard vulnerable demographics, including children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory ailments.

The Ministry of Home Affairs emphasizes the importance of exercising extreme caution on the roads. Motorists are implored to reduce speeds and utilize high and low beams or hazard lights to ensure safe navigation through affected areas.

Residents are strongly encouraged to dial 912 to promptly report any occurrences of grass and wildfires within their community.


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