Border Case: Guyana welcomes Venezuela’s submission to World Court


See below full statement: 

The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana takes notice that the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela made a submission today at the International Court of Justice in keeping with the Court’s stipulated timeline for the receipt of Venezuela’s Counter Memorial on the merits of the case concerning the Arbitral Award of 3October 189 (Guyana .v Venezuela) which is pending before it.

This case, which was filed by Guyana in March 2018, seeks the Court’s decision on the validity of the Arbitral Award which finally determined the land boundary between the two countries. The Court has already ruled that it has jurisdiction over the controversy and will decide the issue on the merits.

Guyana has repeatedly called on Venezuela to participate fully in the judicial proceedings and comply with the Court’s rulings, and therefore welcomes Venezuela’s submissions on the substantive issues that the Court will ultimately decide.

Guyana notes that CARICOM and the Commonwealth and other members of the international community have also been urging Venezuela to participate in the proceedings before the ICJ.

Guyana considers that it is beneficial to the Court to have before it the submissions of both parties on the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award and the settlement of the international boundary. Guyana made its submissions in April 2023. With the submissions of both States before it, the Court will be able to take all arguments and evidence into account and issue a more informed judgement, which will be final and binding on the parties.
Guyana has consistently pledged ot abide by the Court’s Judgement.

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