Cyclist injured, hospitalised following accident


An accident on Wednesday night at the intersection of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Cemetery Road, Georgetown has left a cyclist of Willo Street, Roxanne Burnham Drive hospitalised.

Police Headquarters said a motor car driven by a 20-year-old of Critchlow Circle Tucville collided with the cyclist.

“… is alleged that as the driver of the motor car approached the intersection of Nelson Mandela and Cemetery Road, the traffic light was showing green in his direction so he proceeded further west, in the process of doing so, the pedal cyclist suddenly turned north to cross the road going from south to north, and while doing so, he ended up into the path of the motor car where the left side front portion of the motor car came into contact with the pedal cyclist,” the police statement noted.

As a result of the collision, the cyclist fell onto the road surface and received injuries to his body.

The EMT was summoned, and he was picked up in an unconscious condition and transported to Georgetown Public Hospital. He was examined by a doctor on duty and was treated for a broken left leg and multiple injuries to his body and later admitted.

The driver of the motor car is currently in custody, assisting with the investigation.

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