Jagdeo defends focus on Region 10 ahead of Independence Anniversary celebrations


This year’s Independence Anniversary flag-raising ceremony will be held in Linden, Region 10 and Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo defended the government’s decision to host the event there and wider, its focus on the region.

The national Independence Anniversary celebrations were hosted outside of Georgetown, in Regions Two and Nine, over the past two years. Doing so is part of a government decision to organise the celebrations in a different region each year.

And on Thursday at his weekly press conference, the Vice President explained that hosting the 58th anniversary celebrations in Region 10 was part of that focus.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Beyond that, he sought to highlight many of the investments made in the region which has traditionally been a stronghold of the Parliamentary Opposition.

He highlighted that the government is developing much-needed sport facilities including a synthetic track replete with stands and international standard floodlights and other facilities for residents. Expanded training programmes and job opportunities are now available, he added.

The Vice President also noted that housing solutions are a keen focus in the region.

“We got into government, we had to buy land, a plantation next to Linden on which we are doing 1000 plots of land for the people of Linden. In Amelia’s Ward, another 400 lots… and we are spending nearly 600 million there

“That’s 1400 people who will get a plot of land or a core home from this government,” Jagdeo said.

So for him, residents should not be swayed into boycotting the national celebration that will get underway late Saturday night.

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