Men on Mission completing over 50 homes


President Dr Irfaan Ali on Friday revealed that the Men on Mission (MOM) initiative is completing over 50 homes across the country. This announcement was made in response to ‘insensitive’ comments online comparing a house donated by a private sector member to one built by MOM.

“Recently, I saw some very insensitive comparisons on social media between a house donated by a private sector member and one built by Men on Mission. Right now, Men on Mission is completing over 50 homes,” President Ali said.

He stated that private sector members should be thankful for the system since their charitable work is often tax-deductible and part of giving back to society.

The President said MOM members are not just giving homes, “They are working with families, giving counseling, talking to them, understanding the circumstances because a house does not change circumstances alone.”

He further mentioned that MOM is working now to identify vulnerable families across the country and bring them into the food system by giving them shade houses.

“Under the Men on Mission programme we are not here to work in an unsustainable way, we are happy when every member of the private sector deliver and participate in social progammes in uplifting the lives of people.”

“When we are dealing with vulnerable families, we are also looking at how we can attach these sustainable measures to those families,” the President added.

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