Gov’t to create first ‘digital school’ in Guyana – President Ali


President Dr. Irfaan Ali says his government wants to improve the quality of education offered locally and as such, the country’s first digital school will soon be established.

The Guyanese Head of State made this announcement on Saturday night in Linden, Region 10, as he gave his Presidential address on the occasion of Guyana’s 58th Independence anniversary.

In his lengthy address, the President elucidated how many of the government’s ongoing plans and policies are engendering economic development and an improvement in citizens’ welfare.

And in keeping with that focus, he said Guyanese youth will have access to better educational opportunities.

“… we are now working towards ensuring Guyana will be in the coming months creating the first digital school, the first technologically-driven school for primary and secondary education that will be teaching live online,” President Ali said.

This school is being developed, he said, “to ensure that they are in a learning environment.”

The establishment of this novel digital school is expected to trigger similar developments across the country. The President said the government is moving towards the development of a “digital education system” – a venture he believes would be a first in the region, if not in the entire world.

Meanwhile, the President also spoke directly to teachers. Without addressing the ongoing engagements between the Education Ministry and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) over, among other things, salary increases, he vowed that the government would support teachers.

“I want to assure our teachers tonight that you are important to us, that we love you and we care about you; that this government will do everything within this financial means to ensure that you are treated fairly.

“We want you to have a life of dignity,” the President said.

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