Doctors to be dispatched to all Health Centers


Shortage of doctors and other healthcare workers at Regional Health Centers may soon be a thing of the past as the Public Health Ministry looks to fill such positions by the end of April this year.

Public Health Director for Regional and Clinical Services, Dr. Kay Shako says the aim at this time is to ensure that the centers are adequately staffed.

She further added that “every health care center would be staffed with a doctor so you (citizens) can have primary health care being administered more efficiently, effectively, and timely.”

The Regional and Clinical Services Director stressed that there is a need for a collaborative effort in dealing with issues facing the country’s health sector.

“Health care is not a sole effort of the Ministry of Public Health but we need an input from all these organizations because if we’re talking about building a resilient health care system well then our health care must be acceptable, accessible, affordable, timely…” she said.

Currently, the Regional Health Services Department of the Ministry of Public Health is hosting a meeting with Regional Health Officers and Directors. Emphasis is being placed on Hinterland Regions such as One, seven, eight and nine. The meeting is usually held twice yearly with focus on coordinating activities within the sector.

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