Cuban found murdered on roadside


Joel Perez Laffita, a 47 year old Cuban national was found murdered along the East bank Demerara Public Road in Guyana on Tuesday morning at approximately 01.33hrs.

According to information reaching this online site, the foreign national worked as a third engineer on the MV Tracy Coaic which moored at the Rubis Wharf Providence East Bank Demerara along with thirteen other crew members.

The man disembarked the vessel and left for an unknown location earlier on Monday evening and it was only at approximately 01.15 that his lifeless body was found lying on the road way.

A gaping wound was observed to his neck but investigators could not determine if it was inflicted with the use of a firearm or a sharp object although someone in the area did give police a possible lead into the ongoing investigation.

Investigators were told that shortly before the man’s remains were discovered an individual was seen riding a peddle cycle with a hood pulled over his face. Shortly after a gunshot was heard and the same individual was seen riding pass the same location again.

It is unclear if the investigators are treating the death as a robbery or a hit since they were able to recover currency on the person of the dead man. Those included us, EC and Cuban Dollars.

The local Cuban Embassy has been informed of the development and police investigators have already commenced engaging persons who would have arrived in Guyana on the same vessel as the man.

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