22 Cardiac surgeries completed by Baby Heart Foundation


The Ministry of Public Health is reporting that the Baby Heart Foundation has, on its fourth trip successfully completed cardiac related procedures on 20 children and two adults at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).


The Ministry said over a two week period, sixteen (16) open heart surgeries and five (5) Cardiac Catheterizations were performed on patients ranging from 1 year old to 35 years old.
It notes that thus far, no complications have arisen, and all 22 persons are recovering well from their respective procedures.


The procedures were done by a 22 member team from the Baby Heart Foundation, which worked a long with 49 local medical professionals.


The Baby Heart Foundation team included a Perfusionist, Surgeon, Cardiologist, Nurses and a Respiratory Therapist, while the local medical professionals included 35 nurses, a Perfusionist and 6 Pediatric residents.


The Baby Heart Foundation team, which arrived in Guyana on the February 27, will depart on the March 13, 2016.


The Public Health Ministry said to date the Foundation has performed 67 cardiac related procedures on Guyanese and is scheduled to make their next trip in June, 2016.


In addition to performing Cardiac related procedures, the foundation has also been helping to build the capacity of the GPHC to cater to pediatric cardiac patients.




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