Police Force clarifies article on Firearm Management Module

The Guyana Police Force has  clarified a Demerara Waves article, posted today (April 11).
Read full statement below:
“The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article posted on the Demerara Waves Website today Monday April 11, 2016, under the caption “Firearm management module fitted for Public Security Ministry, despite Police Commissioner’s fierce opposition” in which it is stated that the Commissioner of Police  Seelall Persaud had objected to the firearm module on the grounds that there is still outstanding work on the software to link several other databases.
The Guyana Police Force wishes to clarify that the Firearm Management Module was in the making for over some four years now in the Integrated Crime Information System.
At a meeting held recently at the Ministry of Public Security with the Minister and officials of Brain Street group that had been contracted to construct the Integrated Crime Information System, the Commissioner of Police indicated that in order for the entity to operationalise the Firearm Management Module, the system would require computers and that will only be realised from budgetary allocations, most likely in 2017.
The Commissioner also said that what is higher in the priority for the Police is the link with databases of the Inter-agency Module which will see police ranks accessing the GRA motor vehicle information as well as other information that they would require for day to day use.
In the four years of the development of the Firearm Management Module the Commissioner of Police has never objected to the module, and he did not object at the recent meeting at the Ministry of Public Security.
The Commissioner of Police just indicated that there were some higher priorities for the police.”
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