Guyanese to see $50 Banknote and Commemorative coins for Golden Jubilee Anniversary




On Wednesday May 11, 2016, the Bank of Guyana will be launching a $50 Banknote and two Commemorative Coin in honour of Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary.


The $50 banknote carries the 50th Independence Anniversary logo to the right, the crest of the Bank of Guyana in the centre and the people of Guyana standing together as one on the right. The reverse side of the note portrays the National Flag and the Map of Guyana in the centre, Peace Doves on the right and the National Flower on the left.


The public security features are easily identifiable, appearing on the right – hand side of the face of the note is a Windowed Security Thread which when held up to the light a complete thread is visible. On the left of the face of the note the Watermark of a Macaw and the value of the note (50) will be seen when the note is held up to the light.


The note measures 156mm x 65mm and is therefore similar in size to the existing notes with the main color on the front and back being brown. It bears the signatures of Dr. Gobind Ganga, Governor of the Bank of Guyana and Mr. Winston Jordan, MP Minister of Finance.



The two Commemorative Coins are similar in design with the 50th anniversary logo on the reverse and the coat of arms on the obverse.  The $5000 coin is struck in silver and plated in gold while the $2000 coin is struck in a metallic alloy and plated in gold.



These coins were struck by the Mint of Norway.

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