PPP Independence message; “Independence inextricably linked to the broader struggle for a free and just society “


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings to the Guyanese people on the occasion of the 50th  anniversary since the granting of political independence to the country by Great Britain.

Fifty years is indeed a significant moment in the political life of any nation. In this regard, the PPP joins with the entire Guyanese people in the observance and celebration of this historic milestone.

The struggle for independence is inextricably linked to the broader struggle for a free and just society waged by the PPP since its very inception as a political party. The call for an independent Guyana actually commenced with the formation of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC), led by founding members Cheddi Jagan, Janet Jagan, HJM Hubbard and Ashton Chase.



The records would show that it was the PPP under the indefatigable and charismatic leadership of Dr. Cheddi Jagan that led the assault against the colonial system of governance which ultimately resulted in the granting of internal self-government and later, political independence.

It was a struggle that contained the elements of an epic story of political treachery and betrayal by the Anglo-American vested interests in collaboration with local reactionary forces that conspired to deny political independence to the country under a PPP government.

The PPP, despite being manipulated out of office in 1964 and denied the honour of leading the country to political independence, warmly embraced the granting of independence to the country on May 26, 1966.



Regrettably, the hopes and aspirations of the Guyanese people were shattered by the failure of the PNC-UF coalition to meet the expectations of the Guyanese people for a better life. The country experienced a systemic deterioration in all aspects of national life including that basic and fundamental right of electing a government in free and fair elections.

Our symbols of nationhood which Guyanese had eagerly awaited turned out to be largely cosmetic and for a considerable period remained a sad reminder of broken dreams and shattered hopes as the country experienced a free fall into an unending cesspool of economic and social decline as a consequence of undemocratic rule by the PNC regime.

As we celebrate fifty years of independence it is important that we reflect on the heroic contributions made by Dr. Cheddi Jagan and his wife Janet who together gave more than a century of dedicated service to the cause of a free and democratic society.



The PPP is extremely proud of the contribution it has made to the liberation struggle of Guyana. Indeed, all the major political and constitutional developments in the country carry the stamp of the PPP including the struggle for universal adult suffrage, internal self-government and ultimately political independence.

Following the rupture of democracy by the PNC regime, the PPP waged a relentless struggle for the restoration of democratic rule which finally materialised on October 5, 1992 after nearly three decades of authoritarian minority rule.

As the vanguard political party the PPP stands proud of the role it has played over the decades in the creation of a free, independent and modern Guyana.

The PPP takes this opportunity of our golden jubilee to re-affirm its commitment to a free, united, prosperous and democratic Guyana.



The Party is aware of attempts by the Granger-led APNU-AFC administration to down play the contributions made by Dr. Jagan and the PPP in its vain attempt to re-write our political history.

Such attempts will fail as the Guyanese people are much more discerning and knowledgeable of our political history than the APNU-AFC coalition would give them credit for.

Sadly, our Jubilee celebrations are tempered once again by the removal of the Party from the seat of government in highly controversial elections as was the case during the pre-independence years when the PPP was manipulated out of office by foreign vested interests in collaboration with local reactionary forces.

Be that as it may, the PPP remains optimistic that the dreams and aspirations of the Guyanese people for a peaceful, progressive and prosperous society would be become a reality in the not so distant future.

Once again, happy anniversary greetings to the people of Guyana.


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